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New to the area or to Club Sport? Want to know how it all works and the steps to start having fun? Check out our "GUIDE TO SIGNING UP" HERE. It's all you need to know to GET OUT, GET ACTIVE, & AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE.

Winter leagues are coming!

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Every league needs FREE AGENTS. Get out there and try a new sport or meet new people in your favorite sport. Sign up as an individualy and we'll try to find you a squad. But do it EARLY, as it's first come, first serve. OPENINGS HERE

Sarasota Field Day

Sat, April 28 at Evie's Bee Ridge

Get your team in for this fun day of wacky events, beer, and fund raising for Big Brothers Big Sisters! Sign up for Field Day HERE!


Winter 2018 teams

Here's to all the great teams this season!